Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Angels of kindness:
A number of weeks ago some dear friends named me as one of the recipients of this "nice matters" award. I felt so honoured. Now finally I am returning the favour by naming some of my other friends with the same award. I would like to name Elena, Karen, Debra, Darcy, Helene and Fran to receive the award.

I also received recently the Rockin' girl blogger award from Darcy and so I will name Suze, Nance, Jude, Mary Ann, and Janet to receive this award. I know many of you have already received this award but I would like to present it to you also. You are all so great.

Angel images have arrived together with all the other angels. Helenina and Karen have both sent beautiful images on Flickr. Enigmaticdec, a friend from close by, and maybe moving closer, sent me a wonderful image and purposely had allowed room for me to add words. Thanks so much to each of you.

enigmatic angel

For anyone following the bits and pieces of what's been happening in my life the past ten days or so, I'll say that we had a fine visit at the farm this past weekend. I had a long visit with Jeanne and I am confident that she is ready to face whatever the future brings. She appeared so much like her bouncy, cheerful self even though she'd just had a major surgery a few days previous.

I've been fitting in dibbles and dots of art too. Many of the projects are not quite finished but here's some of what I've been doing.

I'll give you details once I've gotten pieces closer to completion.

Angels be with you.


Janet said...

OMG! I just popped in for a quick visit and saw you gave me an award! Thank you so much.

I'm glad your friend seems to be ready for her challenge. I'll send good thoughts her way.

I like the purple (!!) piece you showed and the tags.

suzie q said...

Thank you so much, dear Angel. I need a blogger blog so that I can actually display my award! Bless your heart xXx
Love the Angel photo & poetry, and your beautiful handiwork. So very glad to hear that Jeanne is strong. She is in my prayers, too.
My pigeons need to stretch their wings - I hope to send them soon...!
Much Love & Many Blessings
Hugs & tiny tickles xXx Suze xXx

Debra said...

Wendy!!! Ha.. wow thankyou!!
When you asked me to check your latest, I really thought it would be some new artwork of yours, ha!! That's great, thankyou so much!!
I feel quite special now :-D
As you know, I love your latest work with the leaves and nature inspired pieces, keep it up!
All the best to your friend Jeanne x

Hélène Deroubaix said...

Karen angel image is much sweeter and poetic than mine ahah ;)mine look scary but it was cute, it's just when you look too deep in his eyes :D

thank you for your kindness my dear!
Blessed be and rain of flowers***

Karen said...

Wow, thank you so much for this award, I appreciate it so much. I love your recent creations. Blessings, Karen

BlueJude said...

Thanks so much Windy! You are so sweet. And I love your tags! have a great weekend and angels be with you too!

Judy Scott said...

Thanks my darling girl xxx

nancyb said...

Thank you dear angel friend! Blessings to your friend and may she have a speedy recovery!

I am loving everything your working on those tags! And that Autumn piece is gorrrrrrrrrgeoussssss!

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