Saturday, September 08, 2007

Can this be me?
Can this person
this creature
this angel
be me

from where does she come

was she formed in the minds
of someone before

or was she just one
of the grains of sand
created by maker

forever present
ever within
and beyond

can this be me

I would mention that if you want to see a larger version of the slideshow and also be able to see the others I've made you can click on "view all images".

Angels be with you


suzie q said...

OMG!! Wonderful, wonderful you! :D
LOVE the slideshow, and the beautiful music. You are so creative an Angel. Thank you for such a lovely start to my Sunday.. SO good to see you :)

ABWY, Always xXx

Judy Scott said...

how absolutely beautiful, most definitely this angel is you. A wonderful start to my Sunday too,
hugs Judy x

Emily said...

Love this! So beautiful and true! :)

nancyb said...

Beautiful my angel friend! xoxo

the gift of time

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