Friday, September 21, 2007

The Colour of Me:
The questions for CaC's Wednesday "getting to know you" were about colour. I wrote a poem and put it together with a picture. These were the questions:

What color best expresses who you let other people see you to be?

What color best suits the real you you know is deep inside of you?

Do the colors match, or do you need to learn to be more comfortable being yourself too?

Why do you think that color expresses you well? Would your better half agree??

The Colour Of Me

The Colour of Me
all about me

yet more

if asked
about the colour of me
I’d think
on all the colours
I’d wonder what others see
the colour of me
I think blue

do they know me
very well

they’d see ~
the colour brown
very rich
dark chocolaty
ever flowing
worth savouring

rich colour of me


suzie q said...

So why did I think of Orange & Purple?! ;) This is beautiful, Wendy..
Suze xXxxwosn

Pearl Maple said...

Found your blog via Mary Ann and her Vintage Stocking swap and ever so glad we stopped by to see all the lovely creative things you have been posting.

Your banner at the bottom of the page is spectacular.

BlueJude said...

WOW! LOVE the poem LOVE the photo! Happy Week Windy!

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