Saturday, September 29, 2007

As the chilly north wind brings the clouds again to hide the autumnal sun, the sadness creeps in and I must think immensely on friends and art. The past few days have brought presents to remind me of wonderful angel friends. I received an early birthday gift from a pigeon across the ocean, which dear Suze put in motion. She sent beautiful angels and a fabulous needle case which she made with her own heart. It is so filled with joy. I embrace that joy to me lovingly Suze. Thank you.

Another pigeon from across the ocean brought the
arTEA swap maze book, ATCs and two lovely teabags. Thanks Liiolii. They are wonderful presents to brighten my days.

I just spoke also with my dear friend Jeanne who had been very ill through the summer and had a major surgery a few weeks ago. She is doing so
much better. It was a wonderful present to hear her bubbly cheerful voice telling me so.

The last picture shows some of what I've been doing, besides driving our daughter all around the countryside to her activities and taking pictures while the autumn colours were still here. Mostly I'll be working with fabric over the next while. I'm hoping to carve more stamps for altering the fabric. The freezer paper is for more of the same. I used those scissors for the pattern in the freezer paper. The fabric is just some of the stash I've found to use in some autumn creations. I've also been busy preparing books for altering. It's a good project while Greg is doing the driving. It is somehow relaxing tearing pages out of books. Has it something to do with a protest against authority? I rarely do that. It's fun. The card and little book just happened to be sitting on the table because we had to move them quickly when I accidently over watered the poor neglected plants. Whoops. Oh well. Just plants, just paper things.


k baxter packwood said...

A Crafter's Book of Angels what is that about??? Is it angels done in different mediums? Sounds really interesting I've been looking for different ways to make angels and I have loads of scraps for doing so could be lots of fun.

windy angels said...

Hi Kimberly,
It's by Deborah Morgenthal copyright 1995.

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