Monday, September 17, 2007

Thoughts for today:
I absolutely love today's calendar page from Mary Engelbreit.

Do you remember the doodle I'd shown a few days ago with the heart?

I was busy carving on the weekend and this is the result.

I'd forgotten to take any ink along to the farm so didn't get to try it until last night. I was so pleased. I hope you like it too. I'll be doing more with this fabric but not for a few days.

"What wouldn't you give... to live, love, and be happy... DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY... forever more?
Well, that's just it... you needn't give anything... JUST DECIDE... to live, love, and be happy... DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY... from this moment forward."
the Universe
at Inspiration Peak


BlueJude said...

I absolutely love the stamp! Now I wanna do one too. lol And I love the quotes. Just what I needed to hear. Thanks Windy!

windy angels said...

You are very welcome Darce. I love carving the stamps. It's quite relaxing if you allow yourself to flow with it.

KarenHarveyCox said...

This is a beautiful design, I have never tried carving, but I bet it is a very relaxing to do. I love the heart! Blessings, Karen

Janet said...

You and I must be twins at heart!! I have that same ME calendar and I also get messages from The Universe!

Your stamp is fantastic!! You did a great job carving I guess I have to get busy and make mine. I have misplaced my carving block but maybe I'll just practice on something else.

Melba said...

I Love, love, love, love, love this!

suzie q said...

A-maz-ing!! :)

Angels are with you, no doubt about it! Wonderful to see all this incredible creativity going on...
'can tell that the birthday vibes are creeping in now.. ;) It's going to be a very special one this year - you are blooming, dear Angel.

Much Love & Warm Hugs,
Suze xXx

iHanna said...

VERY very cool stamp!

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