Thursday, September 13, 2007

Slowly creating: We had a school meeting this morning to coordinate Cat's classes and program. The meeting went very well considering there still seem to be some questions about documentation. We are told time and time again not to worry about it so I try not to. General impressions are that Cat is doing well this year so far. Getting her yearbook was a marvelous experience that happened on Monday. Tuesday was her birthday. Now I remember why it was such a busy week.
I've nearly completed my next journal quilt and have been forging ahead with other projects. Etsy is in the plan for the next weeks - another crawl towards adventure. In the meantime I've sold a couple of pieces of art today to an acquaintance. There may be some opportunities. I need to further investigate. One of my big problems is not knowing how to package things for display.

This is another of the Autumn pieces I completed.


suzie q said...

Belated Birthday Wishes to dear Kat! :D Hope it was a great day for you all. Wish I'd known before I sent the pigeons :( Not to worry..
Love what you've been doing and the places you've been going to, Wendy. Lovely photo's, lovely music and lovely artwork. The oak leaves are magical :)

Much Love to you all, and special birthday hugs for Kat ((((xXx)))

Suze xXx

Janet said...

The autumn piece captures what I love most about the season....the colorful leaves and a brilliant blue sky. Fantastic!

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