Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fabric play: I finally grabbed a couple of minutes outdoors when it wasn't drizzling to play with my red shiva paintstick and some of those oak leaves. The brown fabric had been washed and dried and the new leaves picked when I took Billy for an afternoon walk. I love doing all this fabric play. Now let's see if I can get into my left brain a bit and actually complete some of these many started projects.

The pencil doodle is for a stamp. That will take some major patience to do all the carving. Wish me luck.

Angels be with you,



Janet said...

Love the doodle and will look forward to seeing the stamp you make from it. I recently bought some carving tools with the intention of doing some stamps but as usual I haven't done them yet!!

BlueJude said...

Cool stuff! LOVE the stamp doodle.

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