Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My blog appearance ~ I suppose some people think I change the looks of my blog as frequently as others change their hair colour or maybe even their clothes. I'm being terribly, ummm, unsettled, and feeling like I don't quite know where to begin with all the art plans. I was looking for something that is art to post tonight but couldn't really come up with anything I'd completed. I must rectify that soon, like within the next month (hopefully days) or so. I think I'm also a might concerned about my dear Suze friend. I pray that she is alright.
As I couldn't find art to post I decided it was just simpler for now to change the looks of my little sharing with the world community. I was partly prompted, probably totally prompted, when I paused to take time to read the latest interview at CaC done by groovyholly. When I went to check Lani's website I was blown away. I didn't have much time but just the homepage alone seemed to exude joy and positive energy. For example she has a "place to go in case of artistic emergency" - wow, how inspiring.
I must remember "LIFE IS GOOD".


holly said...

Glad you enjoyed the interview with Lani. She is quite an amazing person and a wonderful artist. She even has a happiness e-course! Her yahoo group is a wonderful place to be inspired and they always have amazing swaps going on.

BlueJude said...

Life Is Good...even if your sweater is a bit confusing! lol Happy Day Windy!

Melba said...

Life is Good...sometimes difficult to remember in the thick of things.
I find it helpful to have reminders...


suzie q said...

Bless you, sweetheart. I like being surprised by another new look ;) Thanks so much for your concern, I'm feeling a lot better now, just have some changes to make...
I read these posts a few days ago now, and went off on a little adventure - I LOVE the 'Things To Try' page and have bookmarked it immediately :)
Love the pic of you, too, although it looks like you should have your glasses on! Like me, squinting away at the screen, you are! lol ;)
Hosts of Angels, love.
Huge Hugs,
Suze xXx

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