Thursday, August 16, 2007

On yesterday's CaC "getting to know you day", Helene had questions about:

Magick and Freedom in the Writing world.

I'd thought to write a story but as usual I lost time. Here are my responses:

1)Do you feel that immense Freedom in the writing world? can you write about anything?

Yes, I absolutely feel freedom in the writing world. I’m not sure that I could write about anything. I prefer to write about that which I know, that which I feel. I was asked to write a piece specifically for someone. That seemed more like homework. If I choose to write specifically for someone, that is much better.

2)Do you feel safer in the writing world or are you at ease too with speaking?
what is the difference for you?

I am somewhat at ease with speaking, have done presentations, but I feel much more comfortable with expressing myself in writing. I’m not so great at instant comebacks. I tend to “stick my foot in my mouth” quite often. I do much better when I have time to think more about what I want to say. I have done readings sometimes but that is different because I’ve had time to think about what I am going to say to go with the readings.

3)Can you travel thanks to writing?

Yes, I am able to do that but haven’t taken much opportunity to do so. To this time I’ve mostly written about experiences and my thoughts. I want to get much more into fiction. That’s down the path. I do love to use metaphor and personification. It slips out sometimes without my realizing. That brings me joy.

4)Do you re-create another world, or another self in the writing?is it an escape or a way to dream?to find some peace of mind?

I don’t think I’ve really taken opportunity to do that very much but after reading Helene’s French posse piece I am inspired to re-create another world. I do sometimes enjoy reading fantasy and have just barely started in January a fantasy piece. It was set aside. I’ll return to it.

I started therapeutic writing about three years ago. It has greatly benefited me in coming to a place where I am more comfortable with myself. The words just seemed to flow from me. I think now I get more peace of mind through my visual art and combining words with the visual art. That’s a very good thing for me as I still have this battle with depression and self-esteem levels. It’s not quite the same now, but creativity seems to make a huge difference. Also, my helpers, professional types, are not as available to me, so it’s great I’ve discovered healing through creativity.

5) Can you write about your secrets to feel better when you need to share?( either in blogs or private diaries)

Yes, there are some things I can write about on my blog when I need to share. I’m not sure I would call them secrets. I’ve never really kept a diary that I felt comforted by – such a pity. I probably would have felt much more comfortable about myself, my diabetes, my feelings, if I had been guided through a writing journey. Emotions were not something to be readily shared when I was growing up. That’s ok. I grew up in a very loving and supportive family. I think my parents and the people who were close to me just wanted me to be happy but they didn’t really know what would have been best to help me to that avenue. I do feel blessed that they allowed me the many avenues and encouragement they did.

6)Are there things you would never write?(in your diaries or in blog etc)

This fits together with the piece about secrets. I have written some pieces which I have shared with only a very few people. I have not shared them with a more general audience because of the sensitivities of other people regarding their own capabilities, journeys. But I did write about them.

Regarding myself, I feel it is much better to talk (write) about how I feel and things I’ve experienced in the possibility it might help someone else. At readings I’ve done, where I’ve talked about depression and low self-esteem, I’ve had people come to me afterwards and tell me that’s exactly how they’ve felt. They were grateful. I also know for certain that I drew one person back to writing that had not done it for many years even though he has a degree in writing.

7) have you ever done Ghost writing, it's like role playing with letters or emails?
would you be interested in this?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever done it. I don’t think so. I think it would be fun. Would the recipient know it is role-playing and know who wrote it? I think it might be tricky for me to keep my whereabouts secret but I believe it could be very much fun.

8)Would you write about your fantasies or keep them in your mind, because it's too secret and private to share?

Hmmmm, I think I’ll keep the answer to myself. ; )

9) would you feel safer to write a blog if you were anonymous?

I don’t think it would make any difference to me. I am often too open and willing to share but maybe that’s a good thing.

10)Do you believe that being anonymous increase the freedom of writing?or do you feel that then maybe you are not seen and heard in your complete real self?

I feel to a large extent I would not be seen for my complete, real self. A friend of mine feels I’ve my own style of writing. I think if anyone knew me very well they would recognize the writing. Once I start doing more fiction I’m not sure that will hold true, but I suspect it would still be apparent.

11) What is writing to you?

To me words reach levels of my soul that would otherwise be inaccessible. The ability to write and therefore dig deeply within, allows so much freedom. There’s a saying that “a picture paints a thousand words”. To me that saying is so unrealistic. If someone believes that, then how many pictures would a story paint? We are all unique, extremely individual. With every grouping of words put into our brains we each envision something a tiny bit different. There will be common themes, common ideas of focus, but our past experiences and knowledge will allow us to paint that picture in its own very individual way. To me, that is richness at the highest level.

See also this poem from a few years ago which I recently posted at my other blog.

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