Wednesday, April 09, 2008

blue lady

blue lady

I just completed this journal page today. I'd done the background a couple of weeks ago. It was done with words, light blue acrylic paint, possibly a mask with words in oil pastels, blue ink over top and then some stamping with a hand carved stamp and metallic paint. I drew the face a few days ago in pencil. Today I used a bit of watercolor pencil and then caran d'ache crayons with water. I drew in some details with a black pen.

I thought it was a good day to finish the "blue lady" as that's pretty much how I'm feeling today. It doesn't help that I've got an appointment tomorrow with a new diabetes specialist and my blood sugars have been bouncing around crazily. I'll have to try to explain to him about all the stress and how it affects my diabetes. I'll have to try to tell him that I'm trying to look after myself but how difficult it's being. I'll have to go through the whole story again. That's difficult. I spent 45 minutes on the phone yesterday morning talking to a new helper for our daughter. Shortly after that my blood sugar was something like 22. The normal high is 7.

Actually I feel like running away someplace right now and just doing art. OH WELL! Maybe next week :D

A touch of sunshine:

a touch of sunshine


BlueJude said...

She may be a Blue Lady but she has a look of wonder and a smile on her face. Hopeful, maybe. Love the chalky look of it all and the simple line drawing. Hope things start looking up and you are blessed with better days ahead. Until then, keep escaping into your art! Happy Thursday Windy.

Anonymous said...

Take good care of yourself, dear Angel. Lots of rest in between the difficult conversations. Patience, with yourself as well as others. Breathe deeply, smile your beautiful smile, and know that you are loved.
You can do it. Easily :-)
Love you xXx Big Hugs (((((W)))))
Suze xXx

mommaof3 said...

i love your art journals i wish i can do that.

and love the yellow pic too
great job!

windy angels said...

hey Blue Jude and Suze, Thanks for all your support. I was feeling better last night after doing some work on a journal page that I was really unsure of. I was very happy with what I had happening before I went to bed. I'll show it to you tomorrow or sometime.
Unfortunately the Dr. appointment today was disastrous. I'm healthy. He was trying to tell me I'm not. He wants me on medication, of all kinds. I refuse. He has no clue of what my life is like. He wants to make no effort to understand my uniqueness. He wants to fit my "square peg into a round hole". I'm different than anyone else. He needs to sit back for a minute and see that.
ANYWAY... sorry for all the blubbering. I WANT TO DO ART!!! :D

Angels be with you,
love you both,
Wendy XO

windy angels said...

Hi TL,
Thanks for your visits.
About the journal pages - you CAN do it. Take a look at suziblu's videos. She is VERY encouraging of people doing their own journaling. She has many videos offering encouragement.
Here's where to find just a couple of them:

Check her out if you haven't already. She is very full of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear,
I'm sorry to hear you've had some blue moments lately, your blue art looks great though. But best of all I'm glad to see you have been so active and found time to create, to work on art journals, videos and to set up your shop. That's very important.

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