Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Taking some time to recuperate. I was feeling quite uncomfortable on Sunday but in my way, kept going, through the morning anyway. Yesterday was better and today even more so. My family commitments should be diminishing somewhat, I think. My main area of discomfort seems to be in my jaws. I could barely open my mouth on Sunday. I carry on though as I know there are folks much worse off than I. I also can wreak havoc with family who over-react to discomforts. OR they think they have to compete - with a worse cold or a more sore head or WHATEVER! So you see - I am fine :D

I am trying very much to complete a video about the "strong, free, me" girl. I am planning to introduce a "line" at my shop around her. Next week, if not sooner.

In the meantime I wanted to share this new video:

I was also astonished to learn yesterday that I have a couple of pics on flickr with over 1000 views. I can hardly believe it. Here they are:

HOPE Abounding

flower journal page

May angels be with you dear friends,


mommaof3 said...

i love the pics and the video and thanks for the pic comments you game me on flickr

Pearl Maple said...

the colors you use in the your creations are beautiful

good luck with the new specialist, hope it provides more assistance for your challenges

Anonymous said...

I love that photo with the rainbow. I love your photos of nature. I love your photos.
Take care of yourself, I send you my best wishes

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