Tuesday, April 29, 2008

cherub1 I am following the lead of the lovely Karen who gave the idea of putting the little photos at the beginning of sections. And as I'm always thinking of angels I thought what an appropriate way to embellish my posts. I have also been sent so many angels I wanted to share some of them with you.

I am in a place where I have so many works in progress at the moment and I am feeling uncertain of where to turn. I think I will begin by showing you my latest creation from the weekend. That is a new carved stamp. I had borrowed Ruth Issett's book from the library. Through her book Print, Pattern and Colour, together with various articles from Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazines I have drawn so much inspiration.

And since I started this post yesterday morning I decided to do a tutorial video about making stamps.

sketches for stamps

creating a stamp

flower stamps

I've also completed three postcards using the recent stamp and have posted them in my shop. YES! I'll show photos of them tomorrow. It's getting too late now. (PHEW! THANK GOODNESS daughter's Home Ec. project is done. There was much turmoil today after school.)

Unfortunately the planning was just a bit slow in that I learned the dear Karen had advertised my blog and shop in a post she did yesterday. Oh well, there is only so much I can accomplish at one time and my left eye wants to keep twittering at me - take time to rest, take time to rest.

I have also learned that my dear friend Elena has started her very own blog. ***YAY ELENA*** I hope you'll take time to visit her and comment. I also hope to be stopping by some of the fabulous blogs she has introduced to me and putting links to hers AND numerous of these others in the near future.

Getting very late so I will have to be back with you all tomorrow.

Angels be with you,


las palabras mágicas said...

Hello Wendy!

It's so sweet of you to mention my blog here. Thank you so much. What a warm welcome into blogland. And thanks for your encouraging comments as well. I'll put a link to your blog as well

windy angels said...

of course I had to mention your blog (: You are very dear. You seem to find some of the most marvellous artists, creations - like Jessie Marion King & Gaelle Boissonard. I feel so honoured that along the way you have noticed MY art.
I am very blessed with wonderful friends.
Angels be with you,
Wendy XO

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