Monday, April 28, 2008

still here: I have been quite tied up the past few days because our daughter has been needing to complete a major home cooking project for homework. It is due on Wednesday. She needs much help and I am trying to help her so she can impress the teacher. I doubt she would ever see this so will tell you we are making a little video. Cat did most of it. I've been teaching her how. I also helped with some of the photographs to put the name of the recipes directly on them. It really helped Cat's attitude at least, by suggesting these little fancy extras.
Also our scanner gets tired. It doesn't want to work properly after a number of scans. (: I guess I should be tired too. I have to take the dog and myself for a walk yet. Hopefully in next couple of days I'll have 2 more videos done and a few more things for my etsy.
Good night or good morning as the case very well may be.

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