Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More autumn photos until I hopefully have time to finish some art. My apologies for once again being so negligent about visiting all of your blogs. Happy Autumn!

view across the river



wishing you


Janet said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying all your autumn photos. This is my fav time of year and your photos show why....all those goreous colors!!

I haven't been around the blogs too much lately either.

suzie q said...

Beautiful Autumn,
Beautiful photo's,
Beautiful Angel..

Have a wonderful weekend, sweetheart.
Much Love, Many Angels xXx

Barbara said...

Beautiful! That's all I have to say: Beautiful...

Debra said...

Oh Wendy, your Autumn pics are wonderful, really really beautiful!!! I've faved a good few at Flickr. You need to get that Etsy shop open and perhaps even sell some of your photos!!
I love the pic of you too, you look so well and contented, I wish I had that look ha!!
Keep up the beautiful work and enjoy your season, it's Spring here in NZ!
Lots of love xx

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