Wednesday, October 31, 2007

squares for Halloween:



Halloween Monsters


Janet said...

Now that's the cutest monster of the night that I've ever seen!

KarenHarveyCox said...

cool, the black really makes this shade of blue dynamite! Lovely creations. Blessings, Karen

windy angels said...

Yes Janet, he looks pretty cute but this pic was taken a few months ago. He really can be a little terror these days, we think worse than any of the cats we've ever had.

windy angels said...

Thanks Karen. I love the backgrounds too. I often feel sorry to have to put anything over some of the painting. Sigh. Now that I think of it I forgot to scan them before I cut them. Whoops!

firstborn said...

wendy i love all your wonderful definitely have the artistic photographic eye!!!

my 'puter speakers are on the fritz, so i'm afraid i can't hear what your video clips (waaah!)...but i'm sure that they are inspiring & thoughtful!

& i hope you had a memorable b-day with your family...

i totally understand...join in when you can with pressures from me :)

love & hugs,
mary ann xo

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