Saturday, October 20, 2007

This time of year is filled with so much mixed emotion for me. I carry so much sadness and yet because I love colour and richness texture, the artist of me wants to rejoice. Trying to find balance between the two has been quite the challenge, especially this year as I am bounding full force ahead into the creative pools. I have been spending very much time, as some of you will be aware, with photography and flickr. As this is so much a part of the artist in me I find the time well spent. As soon as I can get my brain round to that left brain part some bit more, I will be trying to sell some of the pictures. I have already had some tiny success with that piece locally. I also like to incorporate my words and my photos within my art. This all takes muchness time.
I have also been greatly inspired by suziblutube in the past days as you may also have noticed. I adore her people and their eyes. I greatly appreciate Suzi's sense of humour and feel some connection to her way of thinking. She has commented in one of her video's about the marketing and something about her thoughts around that. The same video also contains words by Rumi with which I much identify. If I can remember which of the many videos it is I will share it here.

These are just a couple of the pages I have done recently in my journal, having been inspired by Suzi.

holding hope forever

I'll also show a couple of my more recent photos which seem to have grabbed the interest of the flickr community.

in a row

I have as well stretched my bounds in the past days and have purchased more canvases. As I am so self taught I have never "touched" a canvas ever before in my life. On Thursday eve I actually spread some gesso on three tiny flat ones. I've energy to bound forward with that as quickly as I can step away from this noisy, blasted, I mean blessed, computer and look after bodily needs. I hate taking time to eat- just bring me some chocolate.

Enough for now - hopefully more tomorrow.

Listening these days mostly to Vivaldi - no words to bring thoughts, enough excitement to keep me energized.


KarenHarveyCox said...

Wendy you make the best of every day. I love the music and the video and artwork. Aren't we blessed that life can provide so many inspiring resources?
Blessings, Karen

Janet said...

Your photos are beautiful! You are so multi-talented. I love your journal pages and also think Suzi Blu is fantastic.

And Vivaldi! Such beautiful music.

windy angels said...

Thank you Karen.
Yes, we are so blessed.
Thanks for your visits Janet and your compliments. Seems like we have much in common.

Ella said...

You really are a very creative person. I have also subscribed to Suzi's videos on Youtube and visit her site regularly. Let's live juicy!

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