Sunday, November 04, 2007

Angelsdreams: I suspect you're probably getting tired of me talking about an etsy shop and not seeing any action. Sigh. I'm REALLY working on it. One of the things right now that I'm needing to investigate really soon and decide about is copyright. because I put a majority of my images on flickr and I know there has been a major problem with people's images being stolen I'm trying to protect myself from that. This is not a final decision but for now I'm using "angelsdreams" for copyright.
I've been playing lots with my photopaint program which I now believe does pretty much the same things that photoshop does. This is just a much older version. and I believe the angels have been with me. I cannot make heads nor tails of the instruction book LOL. I don't actually know exactly where it is. No one has taught me. I have taken no classes. Everything just seems to happen by chance - angels I'm thinking.

I also have decided to break away from windyangels. As I've said, I've encountered some snags along the way. I was actually about ready to go with "pixydreams" for my shop and even had the banner and made the image with photopaint.


But I was feeling totally not comfortable with the image of a pixy. I could not place myself in that unknown territory. I was reassured that angels can be angry too. I was feeling somewhat out of place with my anger in the last few weeks. Now I'm set to run, or fly as the case may be with angelsdreams.

I've also been bookmarking many folks on etsy as well as trying to learn as much as possible about the best ways. I'm not certain how much time I'll have to visit on your blogs in the next days as I try very much to establish myself "over there". I'm not quite ready yet. I have to review my paypal account and also set up to have my photos enlarged. I need photos of my art to set up for business. Keep a watch. Soon!!!

I should mention that I've got about three journal quilts also ready to fly. It's hard keeping my feet on the ground to do the stitching and fabric prep and handiwork.

A reminder that all images are clickable.

Angels be with you,


suzie q said...

Oh, YES! Angelsdreams is perfect! :)
Don't worry, sweetheart. Enjoy this time and play happily while you are preparing your Etsy goodies. I hope it goes well for you when it's up & running. You are having such a wonderfully creative spell - it's great to see :)
Much Love & Many Angels...
Hugs, Suze xXx

BlueJude said...

I LOVE the new pieces. Angels are most certainly with you!

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