Tuesday, November 13, 2007

being creative everyday:
Participating in art everyday month is a different sort of challenge for me. It's not so much about actually being creative. It's more about trying to share with you what I all DO create in a day. Typically I do much creating. I often can do much writing in my mind. I am fortunate to remember, usually, what I've written in my mind. You can find some of the latest writing I've done at windyangelsandyou. I often write long hand now so I've backgrounds for my artjournal pages.
I was realizing that much of the time I create in larger numbers but don't necessarily complete much in a single day. Then suddenly it seems I've completed lots. It's like with the tags. I often work on them when I'm on a road trip with Greg. These were started one time when I was waiting at the hair stylists.

more tags

With sewing it works well because it makes sense when I'm using the machine to do more stitching at the same time as opposed to doing a couple of seams and then needing to sit down again another time. When I'm putting printer images onto fabric I work with more pieces at the same time also.
The flat canvases were kind of accidental. I have the tendency to put out far too much paint at one time. Then I run to get more surfaces on which to apply the paint. Some day I might learn.

Here's a journal page I completed last night. The words are here.

memories of childhood

I've also put together another slideshow with the journal pages. They are so much fun to make - the slideshows and the journal pages. If you click on the show it will take you to a larger version. You need to click on "original", top right side. This show is dedicated to Suze.


BlueJude said...

The tags are so inspirational- I'd just wanna put em in a big jar and pull one out on those blue days! AND I love the slideshow-how cool are you!

suzie q said...

Heaven only knows what I did to deserve an Angel like you, sweetheart. You are so very precious and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Spent the evening with Mum & Dad, God Bless them. And You! So many blessings, beautiful Angel that you are. Speak soon...

Suze xXx

the gift of time


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