Monday, November 19, 2007



Sunday, later in the day was very productive for creating but today, well, just wasn't. The only creative things I've done today, which don't really count, are this blog post and singing at chorus practice. There were no new songs - just the same ones we've been practicing since the end of August for our Advent concerts, on December 7 and 9. Oh well, I think I did enough yesterday to make up for today.

fabrics of richness

autumn richness art in fabric

richness art quilt

I finished three art quilts for autumn richness and got some pictures of trees. I did a bit of photoshop with one too and added a couple of words but I won't be showing that until tomorrow.

more autumn richness

autumn richness detail

I hadn't actually shown this one yet. The picture and scan are quite lacking in the richness. The black trim is velvety ribbon. If you want to see it for real you'll have to stop by for a visit. Please let me know when to expect you, LOL.
Hmm, maybe I'll fiddle around with my blog colours a bit yet. That would count for some creativity. I think it's getting too late to tell you much about the art quilts. Please click on the photos and see the tags at flickr for sizes and other information.
Till tomorrow ~ angels be with you,


BlueJude said...

LOVE all the new work- both above and below! You are really kicking butt in the creativity department! GO WINDY! lol
Hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

suzie q said...

Just have to get the flight booked and I'll be over for tea! ;) These pages are wonderful, Wendy. Darcy is right, you are seriously on a roll!
Magnificent work, you'll have me loving Autumn yet, in spite of the oncoming winter!
ABWY, always...
Much Love & warm hugs,
Suze xXx

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