Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Art Everyday Month:
I'd forgotten all about art everyday month until I found Suze had a picture posted on the flickr pool. I took a look and decided that because I'm doing so much art these days I should try to post some of what I'm doing for AEM V. I showed a couple of things in my last post - the digital images of the "strong, free, ME girl". Now I'll show a couple of pictures of the magnets I made on Sunday as well as some postcards with the same image. There are also postcards of my brother, and cousin Debbie who died when she was about 12 years old with complications of rheumatic heart disease. They are not quite complete.
I also did some self portraits and worked on one with photoshop. Below the picture I've included what I've written about the image. I included it in the "red for the people of Burma" group also.

red ~ about rage and passion
A friend recently reminded of Annie Lennox. As I searched for her music I discovered this video.

It speaks clearly of my own passion for humanity, my rage about the people who do not care of whom they hurt, as they seek power, for themselves.

As I expect you are probably getting quite tired of the self portraits I'll say that I will be trying not to include so many of them here. They seem to be important for me as I continue the struggle with my self identity.

I also did some more with photoshop this evening on the picture of my brother and cousin. I'll probably make postcards using the image. I'll hope to have more time tomorrow and Thursday to work on the etsy. See you then.

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Leah said...

i love how those magnets came out!

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