Wednesday, February 21, 2007

About knitting and holes:
I'm feeling quite proud of my knitting and how this little hat is taking shape. I really have decided that knitting is to be a fun, relaxing time for me. We had our final class last evening but I discovered that typically knitters get together on Tuesday evenings, unless the shop owner is away and no one else is available to "be responsible". I prefer doing things in a solitary fashion but we'll see.

The little hat and the circular needles were not my choice. The pattern and circulars are what they use to teach knitting here. I like it - very simple for someone beginning. I'm told socks are also very simple, like the hat. That will be next. BUT I will not start before this is finished. I have too many unfinished projects around my studio - which is most of our house - the kitchen (at the moment) and Cat's (daughter) bedroom are exempt.

About the relaxing - I keep getting holes in my project. Last Tuesday Kevin said they are for the buttons. He spoke as if from experience. At another place a friend suggested they were for the horns after I'd said the hat was for cat. he was teasing. I'm not sure if she caught on to the joke. Last night some of the different people there thought buttons were a terrific idea. The teacher, regular one not there, did not know why the holes. She worked out the most recent one. So far I can laugh about these holes. Hmmm, now if I could only sort out the holes in my life.

Oh yes, I did not want to forget to share one answer to my question of "how long have you been knitting?"
"I've been knitting six years. I gave up smoking and started knitting." HINT, HINT


suzie q said...

LOL! :) Ok, ok...I get the message! That's a very very good idea, Wendy, Thank You :D I think I'll have to come over there and help you with those holes... I still get them sometimes, but just catch the last stitch with a safety pin or a piece of thread and pick them up or sew them in later..
I love what you've done so far - that blue is gorgeous, and I love your paisley background - beautifully photographed! :) I think you're amazing, learning on a circular needle - and socks! I've never made a pair, so perhaps that should be my 'giving up' project! ;)
I'm like a chimney today - very stressful goings-on here, but that's another story... please say an extra prayer or two for me..bless you x
I love that Cat's room and the kitchen are the only non-studio rooms! I have the table in the living room here covered, but that is part of the stress - he hates everything I try to do.. and me, at the moment. Too sad.
Thank you for caring, Wendy.
Love you so xXx much love & big hugs xXx

windyangel said...

Will certainly say extra prayers. Non-caring "family" - that's tough. Tell me more in an e-mail. I loved when we were doing e-mails. I must get back to that with you. I have a seminar on "how to market art" today so not sure when I'll get back to you. thinking of you much though.
You're not the only one the hint is for. Our naturopathic dr. was saying it's not the nicotine that's addictive but ALL the other chemicals. he said if you can buy natural tobacco with NO additives is the best route to take. he'd said there's a place in U.S.?
Much love and many hugs,

NancyB said...

hehe Suzie! :P I can hear Suzie saying, Your next Nance! LOL

Fab knitting! Maybe one day I will try it! I am still fond of crochet thought! And yes it is relaxing!

I love what you sharing about the teasing...that the holes were for horns! lol Sounds like something my hub would say to me! lol

Oh on the mention of natural tobacco my hub used to work for a tobacco warehouse in Tennessee! Cant get any more natural than that! I miss the stories hub would tell me when he worked there! I so miss it! But he is doing what he loves now! And very happy for him! Ok now how did we get on this topic! LOL Ok off for another cuppa! xoxo Nance And for those holes in your life..fill em with love darlin! Fill em with love! :)

artsyfran said...

darn. i really should learn to knit.... Fran

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