Thursday, February 08, 2007

production line: Please bear with me as I am struggling through horrid winter weather which started beginning of October and could very well last to end of March, possibly even into April, a teenage daughter with issues going through her most difficult time of the year, AND trying desperately to get 30, I SAID 30 valentines finished in the next few hours, at least days. YIPES!!! My plan is to make lots this summer and have them ready to sell next January. I love this valentine bizz and I LOVE working with textures. Sorry for no comments and e-mails and please be patient for your own arrival of packages. They are on the way, will just take a few days, as I knit my way, (NOT - gotta practice that too)) across this vast and barren land.

Till next time, have some laughs with OLIVIA

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suzie q said...


Nothing like a challenge to get you moving, eh, Wendy? LoL! Two days of snow have got me down a little, so I can't begin to imagine coping with for the length of time you have to, and those freezing temperatures...makes me feel cold just thinking about it! ;)
The best of luck with all those Valentines, darling, you'll be so filled with loving thoughts by the time you've done all 30, I hope!
No apologies needed, but I do miss you!
Take care, sweetheart, enjoy your creative time and keep warm!
Snuggly hugs and lots of Love,
Suze xXx

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