Saturday, February 10, 2007

A HAPPY, PROUD meme: Enough of this "weird" meme already. Here's something new, I think. Regardless -
Five things that make me feel proud:
1. I was able to keep calm yesterday even though Cat was having teenage moments with almost every breath she took. I was able to think of a consequence. It worked. But the biggest piece was trying to stay calm after I almost lost it. YES! Yes! and did I say YES!
2. I look younger than my age.
3. I feel so healthy even though I've had diabetes for almost 46 years.
4. I have NO complications of diabetes even though I've had diabetes almost 46 years.
5. I overcame my fear of group learning and started taking a knitting class.
6. I drove to Saskatoon by myself yesterday even though the wind chill was severe and the streets in the City are so full of ice ruts and I was in a motor vehicle accident a few years ago on the icy streets of Saskatoon when I was by myself.
7. I did not buy for myself a new cloth paper scissors magazine or quilting arts magazine when I went to buy the book for Suze for the book swap. I REALLY wanted to buy one or both of those magazines.
8. Our daughter was able to give me a hug and say the spoken word "sorry" with tears after she realized the consequence for her rude behaviour yesterday morning. Even though she is a teenager, with other issues, she can sometimes get past the teen struggles and be her very kind, happy self. I think we've raised her well.
9. UMMM - sometimes I do not procrastinate, that time is obviously not NOW.

If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged to list five, or more, things about yourself that you feel PROUD about.
Hugs and angels be with you.


suzie q said...

Bless you, Wendy :) Thanks so much for the very encouraging comment you left for me. You are indeed an Angel, and I love you :)
Thinking about this will balance out all that weirdness that has been weighing heavily.. thank you.
I am so happy that you cope so well with your diabetes, and that you look younger than your age!
YES! to you for keeping your cool! How? How did you resist getting a magazine?? You deserved one, surely, driving in those conditions! ;) I can't wait to see which book you have chosen for me. I'm having terrible trouble deciding on just one book ~ must post it very soon!
A great big hug for Cat. Well done, sweetheart :) Keep the Love shining through... xXx

I am filled with admiration for the pair of you. Gorgeous post, Wendy! :) (Worth procrastinating for! ;))

BlueJude said...

What a great meme!! And certainly handling those teen moments is something to be proud of! Especially when they last all day long. YAY you! And yay for the driving trip.

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