Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday's Finds: When I was in Saskatoon yesterday I had a bit of time to do some shopping at Michael's and also at a place called art placement. They have a gallery and a shop. I've been noticing the warmer colours more in other people's creations and I also want to get more into journaling and books - making and altering. I was pleased to find the awl at art placement. I also got the hemp string there. The greens and mauve were the only colours they had. I got warmer colours in fabric paint, some collage papers, water colour crayons and yarn. Planning for when the postcards are complete, soon.

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suzie q said...

Oooh...Orange! ;) I love your finds, Wendy - especially the hemp twine! Mauve Hemp Twine, I can hardly believe it - wonderful! Incredibly versatile material, that is! I have some beautiful hemp fabric that I had sent from the USA - still stuck in the box that it arrived in last year..just remembered that!
Hope you have a safe trip to the farm & back. Take lots of care. Angels surround you...

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