Saturday, February 24, 2007

Feeling sew unsorted - a journal page I've been working on for a few days. The unsorted feeling has been here for a time but growing more over last few days this week. We were supposed to go to Saskatoon yesterday but it was storming again. We were supposed to go to a wedding in Saskatoon today but we are all sick, and the roads may still not be that great.

I am also experiencing a bit of a block mainly because my sewing machine has not been working for the past two weeks and I have a deadline to complete my February journal quilt by Wednesday. Someone else used the song that I was planning to use as suggested theme and I just felt I didn't want to use it even though I know it wouldn't have mattered.

Though I've chosen a different song AND hand painted (also suggested for this month) a number of pieces of fabric I could choose to use, I just can't get into it. I think it's what you would call a block.

Now my sewing machine is back. I've chosen the photos I want to use on my quilt and I've started pulling fabrics out that might work with the red painted fabrics. Tomorrow...

The photos are of my Dad, my brother with me, and my brother with Mom. I have to decide how to place them in the journal quilt. I may not even use them. Decisions.

Stay tuned to learn more from the seminar I attended about "art as a business" and also a piece I'm planning to write "Breathe like a frog".

Almost forgot to mention that if you enlarge the journal page, ummm, don't look too closely at the words of the background. It's just the old book I happened to get it from. Though maybe you could imagine me tearing with my teeth and using my tusks. lol Maybe it fits with breathing like a frog.

Angels be with you.


BlueJude said...

LOVE the journal page!! Wanna see more....

windy angels said...

Thanks Darc. I have to finish the journal quilt first. Then we'll see what the muse has to say. Or maybe I can squeeze in some journal time today - sew unsorted yet.

suzie q said...

You are the image of your Mum, Wendy. How beautiful she is, and how handsome your Dad! I love the photo's :)

Take plenty of deep breaths, sweetheart, and remember those Angels. Don't fret. You have had such a creative spurt over the winter - it will be back with a vengeance once you get started. Which is where I'm having problems! ;) Getting started on anything...

Not to worry, my love. Keep going. You have beautiful photographs as a wonderful starting point. Enjoy the process...

Much Love from a very tired Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Good to see you Suze. I will get it done. I just hate being sick and I realized the sun hadn't shone for so long. This afternoon it was back out.
helped to lift my spirits.

Wendy XO

suzie q said...

Feel better soon, sweetheart. Sorry you've been poorly :(

Angels surround & heal you xXx

Debra said...

The journal page is so beautiful that you made! Very special.

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