Saturday, February 10, 2007

Will YOU be MY Valentine?
I completed about one-third of the valentines on Thursday night. They needed to be finished so they could be handed out by Cat (daughter) at school on Friday. Lucky duck does not have school next week. That's VERY good. Saskatchewan winters can be very HARD on everyone - students, parents, teachers. MANY people choose this time of year to escape for a winter holiday. They go south. This winter is especially bad with wind chill temperatures around - 40 degrees Celsius at times. And when the temperatures warm even a tiny bit it wants to snow. Roads are then difficult to travel on. Winds continue to create greater grief mixed with the snow. WE are going south too. We are going to Moose Jaw for appointments with our naturopathic Dr. It's about a three hour drive from here. They do tend to have a bit warmer temperatures than here, but the small city is still in Saskatchewan. Oh well. I'm hoping to stop at the Antique Mall in Regina on our way back to the farm, also south of here, where we'll be spending a couple of days - at the farm that is, not the antique mall. I'm hoping to find some old books at the Mall, maybe photos, maybe lace, maybe cards. I haven't been there for many years so I'm not certain if they have these kinds of things.
The valentines: I made eight with the image from Carla Sonheim. She was very gracious to provide the image with an offer on flickr. Thanks Carla. I love Carla's "little girls" which I first discovered on Terri's blog. I did not have much time so made them quite simple.

The other two postcards are partially Cat's design. She helped with them a bit. Her ideas still tend to more formal, more simple. She likes pretty things, a lot, tends to be a stasher, I mean collector. Some day she'll maybe learn more artful skills, placement, what's pleasing to the eye.
I've also shown what the backs of the postcards look like so someone not familiar with these fabric postcards can see that they can really be used as a postcard. I notice there are iron marks on it - reflections of "Orange"? I think I'll put these postcards in envelopes. It will cost more but I would just hate for some of the texture to be forfeited. I can see in some cases it would add to have the card go through the rigours of the post, but, not this time.

Till later - keep warm, especially for my Sask. friends.
Angels be with you.


Judy Scott said...

These are really lovely I'm sure everyone will love them, have a safe journey and keep warm, hugs to you ~ Jude xxxx

suzie q said...

Oh My, Wendy! I'll be your Valentine! :) I love Carla Sonheim's illustrations, I saw them on Terri's blog too, ages ago it seems.. Well done for getting some! The cards are Beautiful!!
I hope Cat enjoyed playing, too. She has a good eye already, I think. It's not as easy as all these experts make it seem, Cat! Patience & Perseverance! (Very difficult lessons for a lot of us, believe me! ;)) Keep going! :)
Love to you both, and warm hugs ((xX))
Suze xXx

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