Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Knitting therapy: I got brave. I decided to take some knitting classes at our local shop - Haus of Stitches. I've been wanting to learn to knit for a number of years. I'm aware of how relaxing it is (supposed to be). I've even tried with minimal success to learn online. I am a solitary learner. But the time came. I needed friends. I needed support. I needed to get past my phobia of making mistakes in front of others. Besides my typical uptight body I enjoyed myself. I met people I know and new people. I think there will be much potential for friends, much potential for relaxation, after I get some knitting behind me, or maybe accomplished in front of me. I'll keep you updated.

Angels be with you.


Judy Scott said...

I cant knit either or not very well so I really know how you feel ~ well done on that first step, hugs Jude xx

NancyB said...

I never could get the hang of knitting! So glad you took the plunge darlin! You did great! Keep at it! Glad to hear your meeting people and making new friends! Much love and hugs! Nance

BlueJude said...

Sounds like a good endeavor for you. I did some crocheted last winter. Let's just say...some good...some not so good. Years agao I thought I would knit a hat and scarf for my hub for the holidays. Well the scarf was fine, but lets just say...it was a very unusual hat! I thought our guests were gonna fall off the chair with laughter! Hope you have more success!

suzie q said...

Well done, Wendy! :) It'll be great to be able to chat with real people, and laugh together over your knitting! You've done very well indeed to start straight in there with a circular needle! It took me years to get round to using one of those, so be very proud of yourself, and have fun! :)
I love knitting when I'm in thr irght frame of mind - have to have plenty of patience, as it can take a long time to finish things sometimes..
Enjoy your new hobby, angel :)
Much Love & Warm Hugs,
Suze xXx

suzie q said...

oops! 'the right' frame of mind! lol! :)

artsyfran said...

My MIL has tried to teach me to knit many times, but I've had little patience for it. I want to try again... Good for you to take the step to get out there and not only learn something new, but also to meet new people. I met one of my closest friends at a class. xoxo, Fran

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