Thursday, February 22, 2007

MORNING - for artwords
This picture was taken last Wednesday, February 14 th. The temperature was - 30 degrees, pretty much the same in centigrade and fahrenheit. I took a few photos after walking about half a block. I don't think my hands could have managed doing any more without my heavy mittens. The next day, Thursday, the temperature rose by almost 30 degrees centigrade from what it had been the day before. People had been waiting anxiously for almost a week for Thursday. Fortunately that time the forecast was accurate.

Funny though, on the Tuesday morning when I took Billy dog for walk I encountered a couple of others out doors. Though the temperature was - 24, the comments were about "what a beautiful day". There was not a wind. The - 24 seemed comparatively warm. We may still have our snow for another six weeks and we could still get a number of blizzards but we'll all be hoping for no more of the frigid temperatures, at least this winter.

Happy morning light to you.


NancyB said...

Gorgeous photo my angel friend! I too got up in time to see the sunrise today (friday) and actually went out and got a photo! I will post later! It is nothing like your beautiful photography! But mine is proof that I was up early LOL hehe Hugs and love for you darlin! xoxo Nance

windyangel said...

Thanks for the compliments. Good for you for the early proof of the start to your day.
hugs and love to you too.

BlueJude said...

Great Sentiment. I love it!

windyangel said...

thanks for the visit Darc. See you soon - in blog land that is.

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