Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Painted fabric:
While we were at the farm I found some time and space to do some fabric painting. I love doing this. I can hardly wait until the summer when I can hopefully let fabric pieces dry outside. Space seems to be at a minimum at home and at farm but once I can leave fabric outside I am hoping there will be more places. I am very pleased with the results. I did seven pieces all together. The red and light pink piece I tore into smaller parts so I could experiment. I'm not really happy with the orange pattern. I'm very pleased with the blue shiva paint-stick on the red. I happened to have a piece of thread captured on the bottom part and was so happy with the effect. I really like what I can do with the paint-sticks. Unfortunately they are oil paints and have a bit of a smell. I may have to take them to Greg's workplace where there is a larger work space in the "back shop" and huge ceiling fans. I'll see what the weather does here. If it stays a bit warmer outdoors I can maybe work by an open window for awhile.

I should mention that I was able to purchase some "folk art" fabric paint in Saskatoon. I was happy that I did not have to order on-line as I was fully expecting to. I have not tried textile medium in acrylics yet but not certain if I will need to because I found many colours of these.

All images but the second are done on scanner. The actual size of each piece is about 20 inches x 28 inches.


suzie q said...

Drooling...top 4 have me drooling, Wendy! They are beautiful! Appeal to the watercolour artist in me that is screaming to be heard!! ;)
So glad to see these results, Wendy. You are creating your way through this Winter and I am extremely proud of you! :)
Miss talking to you, sweetheart. Hoping to get my book soon...I keep watching the letterbox ;) Keep going, angel, and keep smiling! :)
Much Love & Warm Hugs, soft sprinklings of Angel dust, too...
Suze xXx

windyangel said...

Thanks Suze, This time of year really tough for me. Love, hugs and angel dust back to you too.
Your book was mailed last Wed. together with some other packages for blog sistas. Hopefully doesn't take too long to get there.

suzie q said...

It's here, Wendy!!! This morning!


I've sent you an e-card, but not sure if you;ll be able to open it - others have had problems recently, so here I am. You are a precious and beautiful Angel, who knows me so well...

Will post on my blog when my camera is up & running again..soon, I hope!

Love you, sweetheart, and can't thank you enough. A host of Angels be with you ~*~ Always ~*~

NancyB said...

Fun fun fun! They are all wonderful Wendy! I am going to be doing something like this...but with paper...making my own backgrounds for future collages and papers I can cut up and use in other projects! So fun making your own designs isnt it?! Much love and hugs! xoxo Nance

nyjlm said...

those are are really beautiful Wendy! I love Nancyb's idea to do it with paper also.

Lilia Meredith said...

Thank you for linking me to your blog and for your sweet comments! I love your painted fabric so beautiful! I will visit often, and you are so welcome for the postcard!

windyangel said...

Thanks Nance. i love to play. Yes, can easily be done on paper.

I'll look forward to the visits Lilia.


Susan C. said...

Love the painted fabrics--especially the blues. Look forward to seeing your journal quilt.
--Susan C.

artsyfran said...

I love the different pieces you created! xoxo, Fran

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