Thursday, February 01, 2007

One lone tree and moon in winter - journal quilt - January, 2007: As I've posted some other items since I first showed my January journal quilt for the CPS journal quilts group, I'll show it again together with the information I've just written up on card stock. the tree on the card stock was done with scribbler. Please click on the pictures to get an enlarged version with more detail.

Angels be with you.


suzie q said...

So special to see your lovely handwriting, Wendy :) And the words are wonderful...

Indeed you are never alone, those Angels are surrounding you even now...

Love you, and your photo's, and your Art...

Blessings, always..

Suze xXx

Denim Doll said...

Wendy - your tree is wondeful - I love the freedom and tranquility in the piece and the fact that you used the purples and blues.. Pam P

Judy Scott said...

Oh my goodness this is so amazing ~ beautifully made. I can imagine you speaking those words xxhugs Jude xx

BlueJude said...

This is really nice Windy! I love winter trees!

nyjlm said...

Hi Wendy- I love this quilt- the colors are just beautiful.

I'm your swap partner for CAC! I am excited to choose a book for you... I have it narrowed down to two, not sure what I'll send just yet!

Drop me a note nyjlm1970 at gmail dot com


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