Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Decisions, choices; holding on, letting go. Apparently I have a difficulty with holding on to things (in my mind and body), not being able to let go. Now I have time and the opportunity to let go of some commitments for a time. I have time to be playful and creative. But this problem of letting go - I'm wanting to get past it but I'm having difficulty. And so I feel uncertain - if my art is any good. If it is worthwhile to try to keep creating. If I could ever really sell any of my art. Sigh. I must reassure myself that this all takes time. I have not given up on myself. I am able to appreciate some of what I create, most of what I create. I need to get outdoors more. I need to try to take more time to read - that simplistic Nora Roberts novel (ummm, please don't tell her I said so). I am reading her though I typically appreciate more deep thinking. I need to keep reminding myself gently that other people's health problems are not for me to be worried about. I can pray for these same people. I can ask for forgiveness, from God, for judging steps taken by others in dealing with their health. I can try to get past being so critical of others, mostly in my own mind. I can try to laugh more, play more. Enough. I'll get past it. Maybe one of these days I'll take time to write about it. In the meantime I will try to allow myself to play, experiment. I choose also to try to not agonize if some pieces do not turn out that great. Must keep reminding myself I am human and will just keep trying.
This ATC I will consider to be another learning piece. The stamp seems too intricate for the elaborate background. I accidentally put the first brad too close to the letters. Oh well. I'll keep in mind the thought and keep the ATC handy so I don't forget some of these things.
I'm more pleased with this background (8 1/2 x 11) I'm working with for another piece. But sometimes I feel like leaving it as a background because I love it so. I don't want to cover it all up. Tomorrow - I'll hopefully have it complete. I can always make more backgrounds.

Angels be with you.


artsyfran said...

Wendy, We all find things difficult to let go. For me, I have to get completely involved in my art to let things go. Try to lose yourself in the art! :) And you should do art for yourself first and foremost. If you want to sell it, that will come. Just take steps to make it happen. xoxo, Fran

Barbara said...

When I make presents with my art its very difficult for me to let go! But when I see a happy face I am happy too !

Lovely Art Goddess said...

Windy... your art is as beautiful as you are. You have your own style and your own flair. Rol with it. You will only get better and better by staying true to your heart...


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