Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Recycle, reuse: Greg and I have been into recycling and reusing for a long time. Besides the typical transporting of newsprint, bottles, cardboard, glass jars and milk cartons to the recycle depot we reuse plastic bags typically and sometimes use cloth bags for groceries. I once was called the "bag lady" in quite an appreciative manner because I typically brought my own bag along to the drugstore/gift shop.
For my creations of collage I've included most items in the collage in the previous post. There are many other offshoots for my art with which I reuse
materials. Greg has brought numerous items from his work place which were intended for the trash heap. I often print my writing on recycled paper. For a time my friends at writer's group were quite wanting of the linen paper I was using that Greg brought. It had hardly anything on but was not quite right for the work place. The binder on the chair is only one of many that came from the same location. I store magazines in this orange one. Another has prints of art that I've needed to save for eye candy inspiration. The item in the forefront on the chair is a plastic holder which had contained large photos of people at work from the work site. I have three.They are a good size to set my art on while I'm gluing, painting, and drying creations. They are also convenient for carrying items to and from "my space" downstairs. Every chair and the couch in our living room came from the home in which I grew up. The chair in the photo is often used in photo shoots. The wool shawl came from the second hand store in town to which we frequently take items we no longer need. Occasionally I find treasures there for our house and for my artwork.
The old cupboard came from
an auction sale. It is our stand for our media centre. It appears in photos even more frequently.
All I can think of at this late hour.
Belated happy earth day.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I love recycling and reusing - thanks for sharing your ideas.

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