Friday, April 06, 2007

Living Room Found: These pictures are as much about our living room as they are about Easter bunnies. It almost feels like our house has been renovated though it really has not. Greg asked about before and after pictures. Sorry, I'd have been too embarrased. For almost a year our living room has been my studio. With doing mixed media and being into so much experimentation of art I have acquired many supplies. The living room has been my main space. Now that I have the play space downstairs I've reclaimed the living room. YES! It feels wonderful.
If you have the need to organize I say go for it. It is really hard work when you want to play, but in the end IT'S WORTH IT.
Angels be with you.


suzie q said...

The bunnies are gorgeous, Wendy, as are the beautiful throws that they sit on - it's wonderful to hear the excitement in your posts about this clear-out, but I have this sense of doom about the fact that I know I have to do the same thing. I've been sitting with blinkers on for months now and there is a mountain of stuff to sort out - not how I want to spend my time, but oh so very necessary!
And worth it, as you say :) I need to develop a positive attitude towards it first, I think! ;) So glad you have it done now and have room to play, guilt-free! How wonderful that must be :)
Hope those Bunnies bring you lovely Easter goodies, and that you all benefit from your hard work.
Wishing you sunshine and plenty of playtime, along with every happiness :)
Angels surround & bless you,
warm hugs & much love,
Suze xXx

BlueJude said...

Have a blessed wonderful Easter!! xo bluejude

Barbara said...

Easter greetings from Barbara
Have a good time:))))

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