Monday, April 02, 2007

Needle felting and studio ready for supplies: My room is nearly ready. The photos show part of the humungous table on which I will mostly try to organize many of my supplies for doing mixed media and all the other play I do and intend to do. There is still a bed which has supplies on and some shelves that are not really organized. However, it is a huge difference. The floor is totally cleared off. Previously you could hardly move in this space. It was so full of stuff. Now I can hardly believe the transformation. The table is a bit rough as it's been stored in the garage for many years. I don't remember if it has ever been inside the house. It will be perfect for my play space. Sometime I might sand it and paint it or put something on to cover it but that will be down the road. The floor - I would really like to tear out the old musty carpet but I know that the best is for it to stay now as it is a cement floor and I don't have the resources to redo it - now. It will get a good cleaning, probably next week.
The whole idea of my very own space has not really sunk in yet. I need to start clearing out all the supplies from the living room and hallway and the larger room downstairs. Once they've a spot in "my space" and the rest of the house is more back to normal I'll be able to do my little dance.
The walls were all brown paneling when we first bought the house but I'm pleased that we painted and papered. The room is bright and cheery. I'll share more as I start to really feel what the space is about. Until then I'll share this first felted piece which I punched out Friday night after returning from Saskatoon. It is not actually attached to the pink paper background. I'm not certain what I will do with it. I'll let you know sometime down the road.
Angels be with you.


Maggie said...

it is delightful having a dedicated space to play. I love making a mess then organizing it again. I have a big window that faces north & it provides wonderful light. and I can keep an eye on my garden to see what's going on out there.

suzie q said...

Oh My Goodness, Wendy. This takes me back to my very first blog post - ever! I'd cleared a corner of the spare room so that I would have a space to play/create in - one year on almost, and it's almost impossible to move in there! Oh dear. Congrats to you on this wonderful new space - if you work out how to keep it useable, then please let me know! ;) lol!
Enjoy your playtime, sweetheart.
Suze xXx

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