Friday, April 13, 2007

Forty + one - inchies. I completed them last night. Greg actually helped with the info on the back. I signed. He put "windyangels" on for me.
He actually did the mailing today too as I had to take "Cat" to Saskatoon for an appointment. We also viewed "night at the Museum" and for shopping I got a huge circle punch and we picked up a few beads and charms at the beadhive.
Kind of proud of those inchies I'm feeling.

I almost forgot to mention that I've changed the layout of my flickr site. Let me know what you think.
Angels be with you.


Anonymous said...

I must check out those links at the top, thanks!
Your inchies look great! They must take ages! What are they for exactly? Nice you had some help, necessary I'd think, ha!
I'll check out your Flickr site too,
lots of love Wendy,
Debra x

artsyfran said...

And you should be proud of these inchies! Lovely, dear! xoxo, Fran

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