Friday, April 27, 2007

Journal Pages and "Woman" for Artwords:
The second page of the journal pages refers to Pauline. You can find her blog here. I also posted about treasures that I received from her at this post.

"Woman" is the theme for the 50th week of artwords. I have chosen this stamped image photo of Greg's Auntie Dot, a wonderful lady. There is also some old german writing which I turned into a stamped image. I especially like the idea of "soft yet strong" for woman. I think this portrays much in only a few simple words. Some of the words I've chosen are not quite as universal - such as "exotic" but "beautiful" fits the majority - beautiful inside and out. If you think you are not beautiful - I would ask you to think again. I think you are beautiful. And there are probably many others who think so too, even though they neglect to tell you.
Collage on watercolour - acrylic background. Letters for "woman" are from the very creative "Artsyfran"

"Oh beautiful woman -
Love yourself".

Angels be with you.


Anonymous said...

its Pauline, I cant comment because I cant even blog anymore, I was switched over to something I have no idea about, anyway, thank you so much for your kind words, I am almost there, one more day and tonight I will explain things slowly to K....I am excited to actually now get to the bottom of why she gets so sick all the time...this will bring some conclusions and I have to express that to her, that this is going to make us find out why she is so sick so we can better help her....I am going to wear my Life is Good shirt, I bought her the same one, we are going to pick out some of our favorite things to bring with us tonight after I go through what is going to happen tomorrow...ughhh...I am glad to have you supporting me and thinking of me..thank you....

artsyfran said...

I love that you used the letters from my collage sheet! Thanks so much darling! big hugs! xoxo, Fran

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