Monday, April 16, 2007

Simple creativity, fun creativity: Last night I did a couple of these backgrounds using a technique I learned from Helene. I got a little heavy handed with the paint and salt but had fun anyway.

I then printed a couple of images on this one for the start of a collage. I'm not certain what I'll do with it next. I need time to think about it.

On Saturday I dyed a paper and some shipping tags with left over blue dye from Easter which is made with purple cabbage. I love the colour of that dye. I'm hoping to determine if I can use the same dye on fabric. The turmeric also makes a beautiful yellow.

For the next week I anticipate very little time for play and blogging. I have many meetings. Tonight is dress rehearsal for the 40th anniversary concerts of St. Pete's chorus. We have our away concert on Friday night and our "at home "concert on Sunday afternoon. We also do a couple of songs at another concert on Saturday night. Our local concert is actually at Muenster Church, what used to be called St. Peter's cathedral. There has been restoration done to the beautiful paintings of Berthold Imhoff.

The initial director for the chorus has returned to the area and still sings with us. We will be singing some of the favourites from over the years. Chorus of the Hebrew slaves - from Nabucco is one of my favourites that I'm very happy we are performing. We sing it in English and don't sound quite as good as this group of which I've found the audio.

As I'll be so busy and unavailable over the next few days I'll leave you
with this thought, done on the blue dyed paper.

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Janet said...

I love the color on the background paper and the tags....very pretty.

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