Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SPRING: To me spring is lots about new life. It's about waiting for green - a colour I love. It's about rebirth. Pussy willows represent all of these things. It will be a few weeks probably until the trees actually have green leaves but as we drive creekside I can imagine, or maybe really see, a shimmering of green by those trees. Regardless of how many more times it will snow in the next days, how many more hours before the water runs in the creek (it's there but frozen right now), I know the green will return. These pussy willows are the promise for that.

My photo for create a connection Thursday photo day.


Barbara said...

You are right..I love spring too!!:))Spring in Germany is earlier than in your country, and because of this i can sit in my garden , its warm and I am stiching and trinking coffee.
Warm regards Barbara

Deb R said...

That's exactly what I love about Spring too.Your photo is lovely!

BlueJude said...

OH I love this photo! Can't wait for Spring to come to my part of town!

Emily said...

How very wonderful you have pussy willows! I wish I had some in our garden...maybe I'll try to plant some this year. :) By the way, I received your wonderful package! Thank you so very much!

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