Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy EasterThis is a vintage bowl at the farm that I use every year for placing our easter eggs in. Unforunately there is a crack in the bowl at the top. I still love the bowl. It is perfect for the eggs.
For many years I have been using natural dyes. The blues are done with purple cabbage, the yellow is turmeric and the orange is of course onion skins. I used wax crayon to put designs on some of the eggs this year. I love using natural dyes.
More eggs photos at my flickr
Wishing you a very blessed Easter.
Angels be with you.


suzie q said...

Beautiful, Wendy! I coloured eggs with onion skins for the first time ver last year, and loved it :) Great fun!
I hope you're having a restful & blessed holiday - I have felt the presence of Angels many times over the last few days! I know you were one of them! ;)
Huge Hugs,
Suze xXx

Emily said...

Amazing! These are SO much better than the colors bought at the store! I must try this next year. :)

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