Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"OLD" - I sometimes wonder what an object would say if it could speak. This chair was being stored for many years in the old, rough basement of the farm on which I grew up. It was apparently the only surviving piece of the house in which my father and his siblings matured. The house burnt down when my father was still a child. Now this chair has a place in our living room. It is in rough shape but I like to leave "old" in its comfort.
"Chair" for artwords.

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suzie q said...

So beautiful, Wendy. What a lovely story. I'm so happy that you have it in your care, and that you care enough to let it be...
The purple fluffiness of a blanket is so gorgeous! I could wrap myself up in that and spend many happy hours in that chair, I'm sure :) Thank you for sharing them with us.

So many Angels...
Much Love,
Suze xXx

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