Sunday, September 03, 2006

Altered book cover - finally back to the tutorial. Unfortunately I did not take time to practice and consequently I think it got too dark and I tried to apply over too large a surface before rubbing. It had already dried, so consequently stayed darker than anticipated and quite uneven. I WILL proceed. I can cover up most of the places I don't like and so what. I had fun doing it. For some reason I think my Mom might like it or if she doesn't maybe our daughter or I can find a spot for it. I have a feeling we'll end up keeping lots of my pieces at home. If they're not really terrible I won't throw them in the garbage.
Not certain about this scanner - still at farm so using my brother's scanner which is quite different (if I can even find the image). I'll wait till we're home tomorrow to scan any more of it.
Thanks for your encouragement.
Please know also that the scanned image came out even darker than the true.


Suzie Q said...

It's looking good to me, Wendy! Keep going, and just follow your, fun, fun! :)

What's all this about knitting?! Good Luck with your interview and just shout if there's anything I can help with...

Q xXx

windyangel said...

Thanks dear one. I felt like I was shouting at you this morning and I knew you heard me. Unfortunately blogger would not let me comment so I moved on to other things. Came to my mind that I might feel better if I did some of those "quick and easy" backgrounds. It felt so good and I think they turned out well ~ warm colours. I'll share as soon as I can when we get home later today.
thanks for hearing me.
Hugs, xXx

Nancy Baumiller said...

well I think it looks fantastic! If there are things about it you dont like....thats where altered art comes can always alter it again! hehe thats the beauty of this cant go wrong! ....Hmmm knitting! Did I miss something here! That I have yet to try! And Suzie mentioned an interview?! What have I missed? :((( please fill me in! Good luck with your interview! I am trying to keep up..please forgive! Much love and hugs!

windyangel said...

Knitting ~ I've been trying to learn for seems like past 100 years. (well, seems like). Always too many other things. I said IF I would happen to get a job, for which I've an interview I may not have time for artplay but will have to try to go back to learning knitting online. I think I can, I think I can.
Love and hugs.

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