Monday, September 25, 2006

Procrastinating with Enya: I've been procrastinating in a huge way. It takes much energy to do therapeutic writing. In the process I've discovered this fabulous Enya video with great collaging ideas. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I've just realized that Inspire me Thursday is inviting music that inspires, so I'll be posting my link there. I also put Loreena McKennitt and Katie Melua as links on my blog. They are artists that inspire also.
If you want to know about the procrastinating and therapeutic writing you'll have to read my previous post.


Suzie Q said...

Wendy, my dear friend, we have some strange connection going on here, I'm convinced! I cannot believe the way you write exactly what I'm thinking! And today, I've been looking into linking a music video to my blog, but got way-layed when Josh wanted the computer... I love Enya, but had forgotten, so thanks so much for the reminder - I will be checking out that video in a minute..
I looked at Zero7, a very favourite of mine, and was astonished at the 'collage' that opens their website!
I can't wait, I have to go & check out your music, but not before I say that I totally believe in you Wendy, and I hope you enjoy the process of writing it all down...

Please share what you feel able, we all care about you deeply, and you write so beautifully...

I'll be in touch.

Warm Hugs

windyangel said...

Thanks Suzie. I believe the connection is about angels. I truly believe they are all about us. Sometimes I have a hard time believing how these connections happen.

Love you hugely

Ouissi Gresty said...

The Enya video is SO beautiful!! Thanks for sharing...

Ouissi x

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