Monday, September 25, 2006

Thoughts spinning: Please bear with me as I try to sort out the path I am to follow next. Between the spinning, my mood swings, my daughter's mood swings and the bouncing of my blood sugars, I have come to realize I need to step back a bit and sort things out.
I believe I've already come to a huge understanding this morning when I took myself and Billy pooch for our exercise. I need to take time to write about the giant transition of our daughter from the public school system into the high school system. We went through some extremely difficult times because of her Oppositional Defiance Disorder and sensory issues, together with my diabetes and other issues. Near miraculous changes have occurred but I need to go back to the tough times so I can get beyond them.
This will be a very difficult piece to write. I will need a few boxes of tissues at hand. Sorry but it will NOT be for sharing. Sometime you may see it in my book if I am meant to complete my novel. If you are very interested let me know and I can perhaps share some bits of the story.
I think until I have it written the creative commons, ATCs, mini quilts, round robins, flickr posts and collages will mostly be put on hold. Please keep checking back. I'll post creative tidbits every now and again. Possibly once I have the piece written I'll have an outpouring of creativity. Until then "Happy Creating".


Nancy Baumiller said...

First of all...big hugs for you darlin! You can do this! Writing is the best way to help you through all this...I will be here if you need anything at all! Your path is there...there is no obstacle that will keep you from that is a challenge that you can overcome! Keep your faith in God and he will walk you through this! Love and hugs!

windyangel said...

Thank you dear. My faith is huge and I know too that I can get through this. We have many praying for us and that makes a huge difference also.
Love and hugs to you.

BlueJude said...

I can relate. I have had some emotional issues with my daughter over the past 2 years. Hang in there and keep doing art. It's good therapy!

StegArt said...

Wendy, please know that you have lots of love and caring coming your way and I don't totally understand what it is you are going through but that I am here if you need to talk or anything.

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