Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ATC background

ATC background
Originally uploaded by Windy Angels.
This ATC background was done on backside of cereal box. There was a story on the box. I didn't read the story as I was in hurry. This looks like french.
I also used a button to make some swirlys in it. I'll have a hard time doing collaging on top of some of these. I like them so much as is.
Should mention I cut about 40% of the backgrounds to make three 4x6 inch pieces and over forty ATC sized.


sue b said...

Beautiful card. The color combinations really work well and there's just enough text coming through to make you wonder what's under the surface.

Nancy Baumiller said...

Beautiful background..I surely can understand why you didnt want to cover it up! Its gorgeous! You cut out 40 atcs?! My Goodness! hehe looks like your having a fun time! :) Great work darlin!

StegArt said...

Very nice Wendy. Can't wait to see it finished ;>

AscenderRisesAbove said...

the back side of a cereal box... what a great idea - Just the right amount of thickness and color

Suzie Q said...

40 ATCs & three 4x6's?! How big are your cereal boxes?!! LoL! :D
(I've got the giggles today..hehe)

Brilliant idea, Wendy! :D

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