Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Originally uploaded by suesviews.
This page is so special in my eyes. It was done by my dear, dear friend Sue.
Love ya dear one.


Suzie Q said...

Darling Wendy, Thank You! :D
I'm so glad you like this piece, I had a feeling you might.. I feel awful that I can't stop to comment on all your posts - you are going through a bit of a time of it lately, eh? So glad to see you creating so much, with words and Art - I LOVE your Altered book piece, and am envious of that book you borrowed. I've never seen any books like that over here, but then perhaps I'm not looking in the right places...
So much to say, so little time..
Poor old pigeon will be weighed down at this rate! ;)

Love you xXx

windyangel said...

You are so welcome.
Not too much of a hard climb. It's this time of year mostly. Most of the writing happened over the last couple of years. Now I can pull out pieces that I've written and incorporate them into my art.
About the book ~ what kind of library system do you have? I borrow extensively from our library. We can borrow from pretty much across the province. Sometimes it takes awhile for the books to come in and they don't always have the ones I'm looking for. I often research books on and then try to see if I can borrow the books from the library system.
Ah yes, those poor pigeons. Mine is being quite patient hanging around on the brick wall (hmph, I wish) waiting and waiting for me.
Love you

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