Saturday, September 23, 2006

YES! I think. Gel glue technique ~ first attempt partly successful. I think, because I'm not sure if the glue will wash out as required. The star is much more pretty than on scan. I do fear I will have to start ordering some supplies on line. The dyna flow paints which I happened to find in Saskatoon were giving some grief. I'm not sure if they were starting to dry up or what the story is but the yellow, red and brown came out uneven and I got little blobs of colour instead of a smooth drop. I have to experiment. I can hardly wait to work with this tomorrow. I guess I'll have to see what I can do with some embroidery. Sometime I want to try acrylics too. Fun! Thanks Terri.


Suzie Q said...

You have been busy, Wendy! These are lovely - I love the colours, and hope that the glue washes out nicely.. I've never tried anything like this - don't have fabric paints, but it looks like great fun!
I look forward to seeing what you do with these pieces...


windyangel said...

Yes,the only problem is ~ the glue did NOT come off. Oh well. I love the idea. I'll get back to it after I sort out some other pieces and get back to Saskatoon. Or maybe will still have to order online.


StegArt said...

Did you let your fabric soak in water for a while Wendy? I've never had trouble getting my glue to come off. In fact, sometimes I let it soak overnight. Be sure to heat set the dyes first before soaking.

windyangel said...

Thanks for all your help Terri. Yes, I'd set the dyes first and then soaked for probably about an hour. Maybe I should try longer.
I'm pretty sure it was the glue I used. The little shop where I bought it didn't quite know.
I was told there's something to use with watercolours that will keep the paint from spreading. Would that work do you suppose? I asked at Michael's about "water soluble gel glue". I explained it to them and they were clueless. Maybe I need to order online?

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