Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gratitude Entry ~ Or maybe you could call it a journal entry. The last couple of days have been a bit down. I thought I should take time to play a bit and also make note of a few things for which I am grateful this day.
I know - the writing is very crooked. Too bad - so sad. ; ) lol


Suzie Q said...

It's beautiful, Wendy, and it's lovely to see your handwriting - it's not crooked, it's 'sloping gently', and it's gorgeous! :D

I would love to have caller id on my cordless phone, but have unplugged the thing & reconnected the old one with the tangly anchor of a cord, because it was impossible to hear or be heard through the buzzing on the cordless! grrr..

Sunshine, creativity & colours...oh yes! I'm with you there! No sunshine here today - it must be saving itself for next week! ;) (I hope!)

I hope the phone call was a positive one that left you feeling easier..

I love your artwork - is that a beautiful leafy rubber stamp you have there? It's gorgeous! And I love your hand drawn spirals, too - gorgeous! :D

It's a lovely idea, to write down what you're grateful for - I shall practice it daily while I'm away & try to get into the habit. It's a good one. Thanks so much for sharing yours with us.

Love you dearly

Nancy Baumiller said...

Nope not slanted! Art takes on it's own direction! It is a lovely Gratitude piece! Art is a great way to spice up your day! You did a fab job darlin!

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