Monday, September 04, 2006

More Quick & Easy Backgrounds: These are such fun, so relaxing. I was feeling kind of down this morning so decided these might be good to try. Yes! Perfect solution for some brightness.
When I decideed to show them to my Mom she picked out a a little animal in one and the bright pair of yellow shoes. She asked how I did that. Luck I guess or should I say talent?

I'd always thought the artsy side of me came from my Dad. I guess it's from both.


Suzie Q said...

I see those shoes! :)
These are great Wendy, and what fun they are to make. I loved doing mine, but haven't done anything with them, yet!
Your choice of colours is gorgeous, with such stunning results! Well done for getting the paints out when you felt down - it really helps to just 'play' sometimes, doesn't it?


Nancy Baumiller said...

Wow! These are awesome backgrounds! You definately have an eye for colour and what goes together! I see the shoes! So cool! I did one and my daughter picked out a butterfly from the background and suggested I put a face and antenna's on i did....I will show what beautiful discovery my daughter found tomorrow! I have a feeling we have another artist in our midst! :D Creating backgrounds is my fav way to like a charm doesnt it!?

windyangel said...

Play is terrific. I'd written about it on my blog ages ago.
The scan actually came out quite bright this time. The shoes are more visible on actual.
I learnt about the colurs. I'd done some in between the blues and these. They got very muddy. I tend to get heavyhanded with the drops.
Practice, practice.

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