Monday, May 14, 2007

Altered books: I took a wee bit of time last night to do some painting in the books and some extra pages which had been torn out in the process of preparing the books. I was in a hurry (surprise, surprise) and had the paint too dark with not enough glaze. There was far too much of it also - reason for doing quite a number of extra pages. I wasn't happy with how brown the pages became but knowing it's an altered book I decided to just use some sandpaper today - fun. The information says do what you like. Why not! I doubt that I'll actually take a flame to any of the pages which is actually suggested amongst many possibilities, but sanding was a great plan.
I'm also working on my doodle ATCs for Chrysti's swap. I need to get them done soon so I can get them in the mail to her. I'll show them soon.
A bit more about the process of altered books, especially for Janet who commented on the recent post: Recommendation is to tear out pages to get more workable number.One site recommended taking out every other page. You then glue about 4-10 pages together. I had done some quite a while ago and did not do anything after gluing. One place suggested using paper clips to hold together. Grr - there are marks where the clips were. Oh - maybe I can burn there. No - I think I'll just glue something over top. I just used inexpensive Elmer's glue-all and even mixed water with it.
My biggest obstacle, as usual, is not enough time. Sigh. Next three days are very busy with meetings and appointment with the eye-specialist (because of the 46 years I've lived with diabetes I always get apprehensive - so far, so good). So you'll have to wait even longer to get comments from me. I WILL visit as soon as I can. I promise.



Janet said...

Thanks for the extra info. One of these days I'll finally get my courage up and try doing an altered book!

I'm sending you lots of good thoughts about your eye appointment.

suzie q said...

Sweetheart, good luck with your appointments and check-ups. Hope all goes very smoothly...
Loving all this altered book-ness! I wonder if you know about this group - ?
'can't hurt to leave you with the link - it's fascinating, and full of handy hints & tips... just in case! ;)

Huge Hugs,
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

No problem Janet. Doesn't take much courage for me and I know not for Suze either. they are terrific fun.
thanks for the link Suze. I'm there.

Hugs and angels for you both,

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