Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday finds: It's late and I'm tired after trip to Saskatoon to see Naomi, and general busyness. I tried to get some photos before dark, of works in progress (WIPs) but will share the details tomorrow. It ties in with some of the Friday finds. Think "books".

I had borrowed the "Fabric Art Journals" from the library. There was far too much pertinent information for me to let slip through my fingers so I decided to purchase. I'm very happy.

For the finds you will see lots of brads. Lately, they intrigue me. YES! I can hardly wait to get to - (well, I'll tell you tomorrow).

Wishing you a joyful weekend.


suzie q said...

intriguing...i like brads & eyelets - I just bought an eyelet setter with my birthday money, got it home and am stumped. My imagination has deserted me - again! i've been eyeing that book up for a long time - now I know it's worth it, I might just splash out! Love the photographs, the finds, the angel that is you xXx

big hugs,
Suze xXx

windy angels said...

Brads and eyelets are a good thing to have handy. Your imagination - just in a different direction at the moment. suddenly it will come to you and you'll know exactly where they need to be. Lovin you too angel,
Wendy XO

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